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#तुच्छ_अखबार_dainik_bhaskar is now #Trending on #Twitter

#तुच्छ_अखबार_dainik_bhaskar is now #Trending on #Twitter

We all Know how social media has changed the journalism and reader’s experience, Now every single news reaches to readers within seconds of time and In past also we have seen many of examples where many of websites have taken out benefits and many of fails to get the benefit.

Today also we have seen similar kind of example where #तुच्छ_अखबार_dainik_bhaskar in response to one the Fake news related to Asharam Ram Babu. This trend on twitter with a fake news and within next few seconds it’s converted into a different story, yes we are talking about one of the major issues of social media where most of the website are publishing N**dilty and Adult contend on the website to get from TRP and visits on the websites.

Now many of the readers are requesting for boycott Dainik Bhasker as this website is one of the site which belongs to that group who always publishing this type of content.

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