Strict Guidelines for her Daughter Jhanvi by Sridevi

Jhanvi Kapoor
Jhanvi Kapoor

It appears like has a ton to be worried about with regards to her little girl, . Emulating her mom’s example and having developed into an incredible shocker herself, is good to go to make her Bollywood make a big appearance one year from now, and we are enthusiastically sitting tight for the points of interest to achieve our ears. Her mom, notwithstanding, has apparently set particular rules for her girl that she is trusting will guarantee ’s security and achievement in Bollywood. Professedly, one of the principles is “no beaus”, expresses a give an account of We can’t resist the urge to be astonished by this. is truly wonderful, and will most likely collect a lot of male consideration, and her mum’s strict guidelines are to remain well far from every last bit of it.

A similar report guarantees that needs to keep up the same “Ask Mummy” technique that took after herself amid her initial years in the business. We as a whole recall the shameful pictures that hit the Internet a couple of months back, of locking lips with Shikhar Pahariya, and it appears mummy dearest needs to evade any a greater amount of that kind of thing being sprinkled over the sensationalist newspapers. The report goes ahead to express that does not need to have any male companions by any stretch of the imagination! That may be excessively unforgiving, wouldn’t you say?