OMG! Priyanka Chopra Exchanged phone numbers at Emmy Awards 2016 after-party

priyanka chopra emmy
priyanka chopra emmy

Tom Hiddleston is one fortunate person! After his later and much open separation with prominent and commended vocalist Taylor Swift, the man as of now has a woman! On the other hand, so he has us trust, the way he was seen playing with Bollywood on-screen character artist maker at the 68th Emmy Awards! What’s more, lets us know that even at the Emmy Awards 2016 after-gathering, the two were indivisible! is at this moment not in a relationship and Tom Hiddleston is likewise new out of a separation. Anyway, are the two on a bounce back relationship or a fast in and out?

Indeed, we don’t have a clue, yet we do realize that the two stars traded telephone numbers at the Emmy Awards 2016 after-gathering! What’s more, they unquestionably made a gorgeous pair, as they took the Emmy Awards 2016 phase to display a grant. sashayed in front of an audience giving her beautiful red outfit and a twirl, and Tom Hiddleston joyfully strolled with her as an inseparable unit. (Btw, was pronounced the Best Dressed at the 2016 Emmys in that red outfit!) Now, what to make of this, we couldn’t speculate first. Is it just for the honors? Then again to make a buzz around the broken hearts (at any rate Tom Hiddleston)? Perhaps Taylor Swift can answer that one. Yet, we are certain they lovely artist may have been a touch envious of seeing the Quantico 2 performing artist with her ex-playmate thus upbeat in reality! However, we in India are thinking about whether needs a man from Hollywood to at long last be in a relentless relationship, after her claimed undertaking with Bollywood genius Shah Rukh Khan. What do you think?

Be that as it may, hold up! There’s additional! Amusement site E!Online reports that and Tom Hiddleston, in reality, were a thing at the Emmys this year. As per the site, their insider uncovered, “Tom had his arm around her and held her nearby. A short time later, Tom and Priyanka talked nearly and were clasping hands at one point for a couple of minutes. Priyanka settled Tom’s tie and after that, the two kissed on both cheeks.” Ahem!

All in all, is hitting on Tom Hiddleston or is it a different way? We should find in the coming days! With respect to , she is preparing for the debut of her hot TV show’s spin-off on ABC, Quantico 2. Ms. Chopra has won honors and recompenses for her part of Alex Parrish, a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) specialist who gets got on the wrong side of the law by oversight. The new season is more activity stuffed and has a sensational turn in the story, say reports.

today shared a crisp sneak look from Quantico 2 on Twitter. Be that as it may, we are as yet thinking about whether she has called Tom Hiddleston yet!