Hard Kaur Is All Set To Bring A Revolution With Her New Single – Sherni!


launched her latest single ‘’ in Delhi!!

It’s no surprise that India’s pop sensation is known as a in the music industry for her gutsy nature. And now the prominent female rapper-music composer is all set to bring a revolution with her next song aptly titled – .

is a song on women empowerment, where will urge all women to be strong and be s in real life.

“I represent female empowerment to my core. I wrote this song four years ago but didn’t release it till now as I didn’t think people were ready for this kind of track. We don’t really get much support for this kind of material because it’s not commercial. So now that the digital scene is so big, artists like me can afford to drop our music independently and let our fans enjoy our true work,” said .

She added, “With all the bullshit that’s been happening in our country regarding rape, sexism, and ill treatment towards women, I think we are done taking all this crap. Enough! We all need to be s and let the world know that.”

’s , which packs the message for women to be strong, has been released on her own record label – Future Records on July 26, 2016.

is one of India’s leading musicians and celebrity with fans across the nation. The face of Hip Hop in India, has introduced the musical genre and taken it to greater heights by giving it a pop sensibility.

Celebrating 21 years of the world’s first indian female rapper in music. She’s definitely a living legend.