First Edition of Filmfare by RJ Anmol – 7 March 1952


is an English-language, tabloid-sized magazine about Hindi-language cinema, popularly known as Bollywood. Established in 1952, the magazine is published by Worldwide Media, a subsidiary of The Times Group, India’s largest media services conglomerate. is one of the most popular entertainment magazine in India.[citation needed] Since 1954, it gives popular film awards the annual Awards and Awards South.
Launched in 1952 by The Times Group that published the newspaper The Times of India, came only a year after Screen was launched by The Indian Express. Taking off from the image of The Times of India, combined serious film journalism with glamour. It featured exposes of exploitation of junior artists, articles various aspects of filmmaking, and notable cinemas of the world, like Italian, Japanese and the German cinema. It also benefitted hugely from the extensive distribution network of the newspaper, and quickly gained popularity nationwide as an upmarket households.

In 1953, it further emboldened its place in the Indian film industry, when it established two motion picture awards. the Awards for movies in Hindi, and the Awards South for movies in the Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu languages both started in the same year.The awards were based on Academy Awards, with a difference that the winners were decided by readers votes, thus known as “popular awards”. The annual Awards ceremony, held in Mumbai, is one of the oldest and most prominent film events in India.

Awards East for films from West Bengal, Odisha and Assam was started in 2014.

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