“MEET BROS” ARE THE NEW ‘Party Animals’


Be it , , High Heels or the more recent Cham Cham, Ijazat or Girl I Need You,

Meet the new in bollywood – Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh, fondly and popularly known and credited as the ‘’. They are the dashing, unassuming boys who are churning hits after hits without IMG_2320knowing the deep plethora of music that lies within them. Maybe that’s what makes them so humble. Actors, enterpernurs and music directors, the multi faceted duo are ready to set the screen on fire and are geared up for their brand new single , that releases today.

How did the transition happen?
‘It’s time people see the faces behind that name. We are artists first and musicians later and that’s what we want the world to see’, says Manmeet Singh.

On quizzing how it was to face the camera and how much the brothers had to rehearse, they apprise us that’s this is not their first attempt in front of the camera. Manmeet who was a popular face on TV and Punjabi films at one time gave all that up for music along with Harmeet who was a model and an actor himself having featured in various commercials and TV Shows. ‘ So these days we are made to make the music and feature in the video as well.’ Well of whatever little we hear, producer and director friends of the brothers who have seen the video are already pestering them to act in their forthcoming projects.

T-series is not leaving any stone unturned to make sure the audiences lap up this single which is being touted as the most expensive independent song in the recent times. The single is co-produced by Meet Entertainment which is the Brothers first home production… It’s our maiden project and we can assure you that this is just the beginning,” states Harmeet.