Dj Gouri Speaks Up For ‘Friend’ Nandish


While many reasons have been stated for and Rashami’s separation we hear that none of the reasons circulating in the media are actually true.  All the rumors are against but our reliable sources confirm that the marriage did not work out due to reasons only known to the couple and that there was no third party 3

was one of the names that has been linked reportedly with .  We got in touch with Gouri who said, “I have immense respect for and Rashami both!  and I are old s and we share a great bond and have known each other since his Uttrran days.  is a very dignified guy and I have known him for the last six years and I know that he wouldn’t cheat on anyone.  I wonder why Rashami has not spoken up so far and said anything when such baseless rumors are circulating.  I would have expected her to speak up for and clear the air.”

We are sure all those doubting should take heed to ’s comments!  Why can’t a guy and a girl be s?  And is a guy having an affair with every female of his?