Blame game Kangana & Salman : Katti Batti


and have been friends for the longest time and they have always supported each other’s films. Not anymore. We hear that the two actors have had a major fallout after Katti Batti‘s dismal run at the plexes.

So what happened between the two? The world knows that it was Salman who suggested Nikhil that would be perfect to play Payal in his film . But what did make it seem like? Well, she made it sound as if she said yes to the film because of Salman! Yes, that’s what she’s been telling people whoever’s talking about the film’s failure at the box office.

Sources tell us, “ has been blaming Salman for asking her to do . She feels Salman shouldn’t have done that. She also has been telling people that since Nikhil Advani was working on Salman’s production venture Hero that time, he told Nikhil to cast her.”

But the source adds that the story is altogether very different. “Salman just recommended her name. He never forced to do the film or Nikhil to cast her.”

This leaves us with just one question: If she’s blaming him now for , who will she be blaming for Rajjo and Revolver Rani? Kangs, we’re waiting for your answer. But before that, what we can say is that this won’t go down too well with Salman. Is another big fat fallout on the cards? Your guess is as good as ours!

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