‘A’ films modify to ‘UA’ for television – Censor


In a significant move to end the deadlock between producers and the board over the conversion of Adults films to ‘UA’ to make them suitable for television viewing , the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) has decided to let producers voluntarily cut their films and submit them for certification .

Explaining the important decision to allow filmmakers the liberty to decide on how to cut their films for re-certification the CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani says, “As we all know, all Adult films have to be re-certified before telecast. However producers complained about a delay in the re-certification process as the CBFC often found the material unpalatable for family viewing on the home medium. Now we’ll allow producers to make the cuts that would make their ‘A’ films eligible for a ‘UA’ certificate and bring their films to us.”

This is not to say that the films would become automatically eligible when submitted.

Says Nihalani, “We will examine the modified version and see if it’s fit for family audiences on television and then grant the ‘UA’ certificate with changes if necessary. Also, this new rule is only for films with individual scenes for mature audience which can be cut and detached from the film. For films with an adult theme the ‘UA’ certificate required for telecast remains out of bounds.”

The chief says the decision to allow filmmakers to make own their cuts for modified certification is to ensure more autonomy for the film industry. “I’ve always said we’re here to certify and not films. This decision was taken on the demand of producers, television broadcasters and that significant section of the public which watches films on television.”