Priyanka has broken barriers and proved – Quantico

We don’t know what happened to Anil Kapoor but he’s suddenly coming out all guns blazing in praise of Priyanka Chopra! Perhaps he was keenly observing her while they worked together as father-daughter in Dil Dhadakne Do or then it’s the fact that PC has gone international like him. In his words, “Priyanka has broken barriers and proved that actresses don’t have to restrict themselves to clothes, hair and make-up… her international pop star image and now ‘Quantico has taken her image of a Hindi film actress to the next level.”
While we find his assessment admirable, two not so nice consequences might come out of this. One is that other actresses might breathe fire towards the dashing Anil, for belittling their achievements. And two, a certain superstar badshah might not be too pleased at Anil gushing about his special girl! Priyanka of course has nothing to complain about… besides all this praise she’s busy enjoying her rented five-bedroom apartment in Montreal, where she’s shooting for ‘Quantico!