Parineeti Chopra paid 1 million for 2 shirts


Bollywood actress is talented, but we wouldn’t put her in the top league where she can demand mega bucks for her films! The actress who was in the Indonesian capital, recently paid a whopping amount for two measly shirts! took to Instagram to share a photo of her shopping experience in and captioned the image, “I paid 1 million for 2 shirts!!!! #CrazyCurrency #

She further tweeted, “Haha I love how everybody got their calculators out! 1 million for shirts, 4 million for lunch,the craziness goes on!! #.” Well the actress is definitley having a lot of fun with the crazy currency conversions in that country. And she’s entertaining us too!

Parineeti has lost oodles of weight and has been busy posting her trim pictures on social media.