Gautam Gulati on screen kiss for ‘MTV Big F’


, who is shooting for a new TV show titled “” — based on forbidden encounters of the youth and secret fantasies of ordinary young people — says the audience will get to see a “naughty” avatar of the actor.

Talking about his upcoming projects, Gautam told IANS: “I am just doing ‘Azhar’. The work is still on. The shooting is still left, but the London schedule is done. I am also doing a show on MTV called the Big F. I will be a little naughty in it.”

He has done a promotional shoot for the upcoming TV show, where he has kissed a girl in it. It will be the first time that the winner of the reality TV show “” will be seen kissing on screen.

Asked who would he like to see in the new season of “”, Gautam, who won the eighth season of the show, said: “No matter who comes into the house… They are all going to get a drubbing.”

Talking about “”, if the plot is fixed or not, he stresses that the controversial show is “definitely not scripted”.

“Even if you stay with your family for 24 hours, you will end up fighting with them. So when they put strangers who are actually spoilt… misunderstanding and problems take place. So, it is definitely not scripted,” the former “Diya Aur Baati Hum” actor said.

Calling the “” house a “jail” with cameras, he adds that people with different temperament tend to get “frustrated”.

“It’s live with cameras. Normally, we are living without cameras around us and at the same time you are locked in a jail… It’s a jail basically.