Bombay Velvet event canceled Anushka Sharma Blamed


According to a report on, there is a lot of bad publicity going on against regarding her upcoming film Bombay Velvet.

The actress was apparently blamed for the cancellation of the first song launch event which was scheduled to happen in Mumbai on April 13, 2015. The report stated that Bombay Velvet’s publicist had cited the reason behind the event cancellation as ’s unavailability. However, ’s spokesperson denied the saying that the actress had informed about her unavailability a month in advance, the report further stated.

The spokesperson added that they are shocked to hear getting this reward for her professionalism. A source was quoted in the report saying that the invite which was sent out to the media clearly stated that only along with and will be present for the song launch.

Looks like there is no end to Bombay Velvet’s controversies. Read on to know why Raveena Tandon’s song was edited out from the film..