NH 10 Saturday Business 4,25,00,000


    had a decent 30% plus jump on Saturday. The first two day business of is as follows.

    Friday – 3,25,00,000
    Saturday 4,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 7,50,00,000

    has shown decent growth on saturday in the 40-50% range with the business likely to come in at around 4.50-4.75 crore nett. The film is heading for a 13 crore nett weekend which will be decent especially looking at the low opening.

    The film is not happening in the mass markets as it was limited growth from low levels but Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Mumbai and Mysore have shown good gains on Saturday.

    The advantage the film has is an no major competition in the enxt two weeks but will need a strong Monday to take advantage of those two weeks

    The film will perform best in Delhi/UP and East Punjab with Mumbai lagging due to low business in Gujarat.