BJP Connection of Dera Sacha Sauda Chief- Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s film –‘MSG- Messenger of God’


    MSG the messenger of GOD the most controversial movie of the year, Yes Since last month when the actual date of the release was in Jan’15 this movie is in the hot topic of the discussion for all critics and the people.
    The actual date of release was 16th Jan’15 got extended for 18ththFeb’15. This movie has a huge supporter and hatter both. 
    Just to remind you all Leela Samson resigned from the post of Censor Board chief, Ira Bhaskar, a member of the board has reportedly quit over the clearance to Ram Rahim Singh’s film –‘MSG- Messenger of God’.
    Samson’s resignation came after the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) cleared the film in question after being referred to by the Censor Board.
    With all the issues and challenges MSG got clearance from the censor board,
    Now recently Ram Rahim Singh Delhi Election,  have approx. 10 Lakhs followers in Delhi. Now we have to see is there any between BJP and Singh.  
    Also during the Haryana Election Ram Rahim Singh support  BJP and now result in front of us BJP got majority in the election and form the government here.
    All these hints are sowing the sign of some between each other and both are getting benefits from each other.
    • Is because of the BJP MSG got Clearance from the Censor Board?
    • Is BJP planning to take benefit from Ram Rahim Singh?
    • Or is just a rumor and MSG got clearance because movie have a god message in story and actually try to show the actual issue of the society through this movie.
    Answers for these questions will get on release and response from the audience post this release.
    Just wait till 13th Feb’’15.
    Written By: Rakesh Sharma (Follow @tweet2rakesh)