Review: Alone Bipasha Basu & Karan Grover

    Another supernatural film “” is released today with hot and sexy horror queen . She work hard to look scary but noting much do in the film.

    Bhushan Patel has directed horror movies in past however in this movie can’t remind you the old one. Effects are pretty new foe bollywood news, and its manage to scare you to little bit. However music of the movie is not so effective it seems monotonous some how.

    ’s performance is not so effective may be because this the first experience of Big Screen. He should work hard if want to get success in big screen. ’s acting remind you back her acting that she did in her last few horror movie also character of the main lead is nothing much to do.

    If you love to watch horror movies them this movie is not for you. You will lough more then scaring in more scenes. However if you want to enjoy a decent weekend then you should for this.

    Star Rating for : 1.5/5

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