Review : Rang Rasiya ( A film Based on Life of Raja Ravi Varma)


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    Releasing Date: 7th Nov’14
    As the movie on the of Raja Ravi Varma’s , you must aware about the great painter of the nation who had given Identity of the all the gods of Hindu Religion. He was the man who achieved recognition for his paintings depicting scenes from Indian literature and mythology including the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana.  
    In the beginning of Randeep Hooda who played Raja Ravi Varma’s role got arrested by the British police and you know in what crime he got arrested. The was to create painting of gods, to bring out the imagination into reality. People in the country was happy as they seen God first time but at the same time there were some set of people saw this in different way. As per them Raja Ravi Varma do not suppose to paint god on paper God will always remains in temples only not to sold in market.
    So got started and Raja Ravi Varma started to told the story of his from the court, He told that how could he started painting, how he got honored with the name of Raja. About hid Marriage , How Sugandha inspire and the romantic with him. How he started the press the uos and down in the .
    If you want a family with good story line and excellent direction and awesome acting you must go to cinema hall on 7th July’14.
    I will give 4 Stars to this ……. 🙂 🙂 🙂 
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