Film Review : “Dishkiyaoon”


    Here is the review from the Audience of this week’s release “Dishkiyaoon”, it has failed to impress the audience, Even having a star like Sunny Deol has received poor ratings from audience.

    “Dishkiyaoon is a film that is at best can be described as convoluted mess. Told in a linear fashion, the film is flat. With nothing alluring or inspired in the movie, teamed with bad music and worse acting, you absolutely must give this film a miss for your own good. Just a bad Friday, let it pass.“Perhaps on paper there was enough material to make the film seem interesting but it is so pretentious when translated on celluloid. The reason is clear. There is no detailing in the film. “Harman Baweja’s acting skills haven’t improved much since his last film. Still low on acting skills, the actor doesn’t emote right which fails to add layers to his character. I have no idea what Sunny Deol is doing in this film. Who he is, is unclear for most part of the film and after a while you lose interest in the film.“Dishkiyaoon is a bad film. There are no second thoughts or views on that. Terrible acting and a horrible screenplay is crucially damaging to this movie.”

    Start Rating : 0.5 Starts

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