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10 Reasons why the web series Asur’s Aditya Lal is winning millions of hearts

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The Actor is gaining a huge fan base and love for his role in the series.
Here are the10 reasons why you should look out for this Aditya in ASUR. You cannot miss him for sure 😉

The Killer has a voice to remember…

The first thing you notice about him is that sexy and resonant deep voice in which he talks and the impact remains in the mind and heart forever. The voice modulation of the Actor is impeccable. Wonder is that his real voice!

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This… #asur

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Those EYES that speaks more than words!

In the entire series, his eyes have done more talking and what not (for many girl fans). The actor talks through his eyes.. The expression and that killer eye roll in the most badass style has wooed so many…

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A throw back to when I was in self-isolation preparing for #ASUR. The eyes look a little more confused and worse-for-wear than usual with the ongoing conflict of how I was going to pull this off, being my first web series. Reading the response for #MOKSH, I can’t be more grateful to all of you and at the same time realise that all that confusion and self conflict is worth it after all. I will continue to stir to your emotions and try to entertain you all always. PS: Never let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough. not even yourself. Last but not the least, Thank you @thisishowweding @tansworld @sen_oni @thatarisam @vootselect @creativegaurav and @harry.harryparmar I WILL SEE YOU ON THE DARK SIDE

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The Devil has a HANDSOME face..

How many times have we seen a negative, dark serial killer so handsome in a series.? The actor’s good looks really make it more difficult for us to accept him as a villain and want him more as a hero… And in that beard he really gives Bollywood a run for the money.. Ladies look out for a date with Mr. Single in B-Town..!!! If you get lucky..!!!

Ufffffff… That Hindi Vocabulary

“यत्र तत्र सर्वत्र” (Yatra Tatra Sarvatra)

The most attracting highlight of the character Moksh in the series is his flawless hindi vocabulary and actor Aditya Lal has delivered those dialogues seamlessly and effortlessly. From Bhagvad Gita’s excerpts to Sanksrit’s Shlokas,
We just couldn’t take our eyes and ears away when the actor speaks…!!!!

The ‘Barun – Aditya’ Duo in the series

The scenes of Barun and Aditya together are worth the watch and intense. It shows lot of emotions of both characters and they look great on screen together. The Duo as a team, literally worked well in the series… No spoilers here…

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Power packed performance & complete package

A serial killer, psychopath, shudh hindi vocabulary and intense eyes – Aditya is a complete package to watch in the series and every scene of him is a jaw clenching and nerve gripping moment for fans.! Sometimes the character feels convincingly relatable too when he talks about right and wrong, good and bad… (Food for thought)

Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega…

The Actor is a brilliant entertainer and engaging personality who interacts a lot as well with his fan and keep fit
and up to date with everything. Recent heartwarming video of his poem call Umeed (Hope) went viral
on Instagram and been liked and shared on many platform… Actor leaves no chance to keep the positivity up in this quarantine time..

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#Repost @ttt_official with @make_repost ・・・ *SOUND ON* . When we’re all social distancing, staying put at our homes, it can get a bit lonely. We feel stories are something that can connect people and bring some much needed hope. Introducing #StoriesFromHome, where some of our favourite artists will read out the stories they love – some written by them and some by their favourite writers. Stay tuned for many more. Written and performed by Aditya Lal (@aditya_lal) Talent Courtesy: Mukesh Chabbra @castingchhabra Video Edited by : Shameen Khatri (@shameenk) and Garima (@gari_sachdeva) Translation by: Yashluv Virwani (@yashluv23) Curated by : team @ttt_official . #terriblytinytales #love #music #poetry #StoriesFromHome #VibeTogether #TogetherAtHome #stories #storytelling #ttt

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The SOFT side of the Villain

There are lot of instances where we see the soft side of the negative character Moksh… And Actor Aditya Lal has portrayed that feeling very well in the series.. As the series conclude that heroes also have a grey side, villains also have soft spot and can be nice too….

The Real ASUR is him…

Well for those who has seen the series, till the end we cannot find the real ASUR and the mystery continues to next awaited season too. But for the fans of Aditya, they have taken him as the Real Asur and in the entire series the actor has kept the secret quiet well 😉

Perfect Fit in the Strong Ensemble Cast

This one is all from the heart (like the other reasons too), but Aditya Lal has fitted perfectly with the strong ensemble cast like hand in a glove. All the other actors being so experience, talented with a great Director Oni Sen, the series has been crafted so well and the crucial role of Moksh has been outperformed by the Star Aditya Lal.. With all the other great performances and actors, the star has proved his mettle by his acting and complimented the series well..

In Asur we may still figuring out with Dhananjay Rajput and Nikhil Nair that who the real murderer is, but Aditya Lal has already killed us by his looks, acting and talent. Moksh is one of those negative character who the world is in love with because of the Actor… We cannot wait to see more of Aditya Lal…Sheegrah Hi Mulaakat Hogi…!!!!


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