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​Lisa Ray Shared A Post About Life In Singapore On Instagram

​Lisa Ray Shared A Post About Life In Singapore On Instagram
​Lisa Ray Shared A Post About Life In Singapore On Instagram​Lisa Ray Shared A Post About Life In Singapore On Instagram
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Bollywood actor and writer Lisa Ray moved to Singapore a few days ago and has shared a post about life in Singapore amid coronavirus spread. She also posted pictures of her wearing a mask as she stepped out to buy coffee.
Sharing her experience of going out in public in such times, she wrote, “Here in SINGAPORE (I have to emphasise my location as we’re not under curfew, but in ‘circuit breaker mode’) I find myself even more watchful on my morning coffee runs along Roberston Quay. I watch people’s expressions, their eyes lighting up in excitement when they recognise a friend and then offering a muted greeting across the mandated one metre safe distancing length. Others can’t help themselves and gather in uneasy clusters outside coffee shops, serving ‘take out and run’ morning delicacies. Some people walk with clenched jaws, their anxiety working beneath their skin.”
Talking about the black mask she’s wearing in the picture and exerting on the need to change our mindset, she said, “I’m wearing a government issued reusable 3 ply fabric mask (thank you Singapore!) so no more excuses for reckless exposure. There’s a part of me that wants to volunteer as a social distancing ambassador and help enforce the rules. I understand it’s difficult for some people to adjust but we’re in the midst of a global health crisis and it’s no longer about the individual. We each have to shift our mindset. It’s not a sacrifice but a necessity to stay home, stay sane and keep your distance for the welfare of us all.”
She further stressed on the need to embrace the change and added, “And there’s no way to sugarcoat this, but living like this a precursor to seismic change. Don’t be married to perceptions of ‘normal’ and they way things were before. You’ll only cause yourself dukka or suffering. Experiment with flow and acceptance. it’s all in the mind. #hijabieyes #safedistancingworks #staysafe.”
Lisa Ray is married to Jason Dehni, the actor is mother to one-year-old twin daughters Sufi and Soleil. She has also released a book titled ‘Close to the Bone’ about her battle with cancer.


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