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​I Feel Sad For Daily Wage Workers Says Aakansha Sharma

​I Feel Sad For Daily Wage Workers Says Aakansha Sharma
​I Feel Sad For Daily Wage Workers Says Aakansha Sharma
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Aakanksha Sharma known for hit and popular songs such as Jogi, Chudi Chamke and more, says she feels sad for daily wage workers, who are facing dire consequences due to lockdown.
Due to Corona virus pandemic, Indian government has called for Lockdown, which has now been extended for another 15 days. Daily wage workers and migrant workers are not only out of work but their survival holds in peril without any support.
Talking about migrant workers and daily wage workers, who are facing the direct burnt of lockdown, singer Aakanksha said, “I feel sad about daily wagers, workers, and people who are stuck in different places without means of survival. I feel that we all need to get out of our lives, and I mean it seriously, start thinking about everyone else. Some people are having vacations inside their homes with their families, but some are on the streets, without home or even food. It is high time we all stopped being so selfish and started thinking about other people as well. I don’t want to get political about it, but something needs to be done to help financially poor people.”  
Further adding on lockdown and current scenario, she said, “I know things are bad right now, nothing can be worse than this, we all are hiding inside our homes. With media and everyone is so panicky about it, I think we need to accept the fact that it has happened, Corona virus is a reality and we do not have any medicine for it. Only thing we can do right now is to stay inside, we need to safeguard ourselves and others as well”
“Be positive, stay inside, and think of it as time-out from your fast moving lives. Take this time to cultivate soul nourishing things, find your inner-self and true calling. Look at the brighter side of things” added Aakanksha.
Aakhansha also has her own YouTube channel and her first song “Chudi Chamke” has garnered 6 million hits with in a record time. With back to back hit songs and Mirchi award win, the young and vibrant singer is going places!

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