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​Disha Salian’s Post-Mortem Report Reveal Shocking Details, Connect Her To SSR’s Case

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Late Sushant Singh Rajput‘s ex-manager Disha Salian‘s post-mortem report has revealed that she had suffered injuries to her head and had multiple other unnatural injuries and raises reasonable cause that both the cases are related.
It is been reported that Disha jumped off from the 14th floor of a building in Mumbai and within a week Sushant Singh was found hanging at his Bandra apartment. The death of Salian, has been linked to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.
Now a leading media house has accessed the post-mortem report of Disha, which details injuries on her body.
As per the report, Disha died around 2 am on June 9, but the post-mortem was conducted two days later, on June 11. The delay in conducting the post-mortem has raised questions as to why it took two days for the autopsy to be conducted.
The autopsy was conducted at the Borivali post-mortem centre, the report further states that her autopsy was finished within an hour, which is unusual and unprecedented; this further raises questions about the intent of Mumbai police.
It is even reported that Disha was naked, which means she didn’t have any clothes on her body at the time of her death and police has not investigated this angle.
The report further states that she died of “head injury, multiple injuries (unnatural)”.
As per the post-mortem report, there is no specific mention about injuries on private parts, but there is a mention of ‘multiple injuries’ as she fell from a height.
As a practice in unnatural death cases in women, vaginal swabs are taken for examination. In this case too, vaginal swabs were taken for examination and sent for chemical analysis.
Salian allegedly killed herself by jumping off a high-rise in Mumbai’s Malad area on June 8 and on June 14, actor Rajput was found hanging at his apartment on suburban Bandra, earlier Mumbai Police stated that both the cases are unrelated but now as the investigation progress, it’s been reported that both the cases are connected.

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