​2.0 Is An Experience I would Never Forget Says Akshay Kumar

Superstar Akshay Kumar says that his forthcoming movie 2.0 is an experience which he will never forget, on the sidelines of a press junket here in Mumbai.

Filmmaker and producer Karan Johar along with director Shankar and Akshay Kumar hosted a press junket for the forthcoming sci-fi action drama 2.0.
Talking about his experience working with prosthetic, costumes and make-up for the film, Akshay Kumar said, “I learned a lot on this movie, from the day it started. I went to LA and I was amazed by the structure there. Every part of my body was measured, it was an experience. I didn’t know something like this existed. I would say there is so much to learn from Shankar Sir, the way he has taken the whole movie. To be honest, I got paid for this movie but I should have paid them for this movie. It was an experience I would never forget in my life”

“Wearing the make-up for three and a half hour, the material I was given was really thick. I use to shoot for five hours and all the sweat used to remain inside, it cannot come out. I had to be on a liquid diet throughout the day, I couldn’t eat anything”
“The whole thing was an experience. I still remember when I use to remove the whole thing out (the costume), there will be sweat all over but it was worth everything.  I enjoyed everything I did for the movie. I’d be actually watching the film on 29th, I am waiting to see the film, see how and what has happened, what they have done with the movie” added Akshay.

Akshay Kumar will be seen sharing screen space with south super Rajinikanth for the first time in his career. Talking about his experience with the legendary actor, Akshay said, “Humble is the right word for Rajinikanth Sir. I still remember the first time he came on stage some two months ago, he said it is Akshay’s movie, it is not my movie. He is such a humble man”
Akshay Kumar has been around for decades and with more than 100 films under his name, the actor quips that he still gets nervous before the release.
He said, “I do get nervous. It happens; you spend so much time to make one film. There was so much pain in making a film, especially in this one, so nervousness is natural. I am usually nervous with all my films because we work really hard for the films”

The film is written and directed by S. Shankar, with an estimated budget of 543 crore, it is the most expensive Indian film made to date.
The movie also stars Amy Jackson in the leading roles. The film is slated for 29th November 2018 release.

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